Schaffhausen is a well preserved medieval town that features picturesque scenery and a great variety of interesting sights and attractions. There the singles have an opportunity to arrange their dating of dream.

The town offers to visit its old part which houses the Fronwag tower and two fountains as well as a whole series of houses with coats-of-arms on the facade and oriel windows. Walking around the old town, the loving hearts have a chance to get known more about each other while communicating, discussing heart-to-heart themes and sharing their interests and desires.

Furthermore, the unforgettable dating may be conducted in the Rhine falls – a marvelous flow of water falling down from two higher rocks that stand in the middle of the river. This place is really perfect for ideal dating because it will present lasting memories till the end of their lives. Moreover, this spot may present a peaceful time tete-a-tete where nobody will disturb them.

The spiritual dating may be conducted in All Saints Museum that highlights a collection with religious art, furnishings, prehistoric artifacts, costumes and weapons. Such romantic meeting will represent a variety of wonderful exponents and an opportunity to dedicate a lot of time for each other. Besides, the sweethearts may discuss different life stories and their plans for common future during their excursion at the museum.

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