The wonderful town of Neuchâtel lies on the north shore of the Lac de Neuchâtel offering singles a variety of picturesque places to arrange their romantic dating.

There they have an opportunity to date in Museum of Art and History that preserves collections of the art and history of the region. Therefore, walking through the masterpieces of Corot, Degas, Pissarro, Sisley, Giacometti, Bonnard, the couples may wonder numerous toy, ceramic, furniture and gold exhibits. Moreover, they will have a chance to dedicate a lot of time for each other communicating, sharing their interests and desires, showing their heart feelings and enjoying the presence of each other.

Furthermore, the sweethearts may conduct their dating of dream on the Cret du Plan – a funicular that offers the loving hearts to enjoy the extensive views of the lake and the Alps. Observing the breathtaking scenery and landscapes, the beloved have an opportunity to spend a lot of time together holding their hands, listening to the heart beats of each other and dreaming about the magic future together.

Additionally, the singles are recommended to conduct their romantic meeting while taking part in the boat riding. This trip takes places around the three lakes – Lac de Neuchâtel, Murtensee and Bieler See. Spending time while inhaling fresh air and wondering the marvelous views of the surrounding nature, the loving hearts will be available to stay together for a long time tete-a-tete. Besides, they may communicate, hold their hands, flirt, say sweet nothings and get known more about each other.

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