Being located on the lovely lake, Luzern preserves wonderful medieval center and numerous interesting places for visiting. That’s why the singles have a high chances to arrange their dream dating there receiving plenty of pleasant emotions and memories.

The town offers couples to date in its Glacier Garden – a magnificent relic of Ice Age exposed between 1872 and 1875. This place supplies the loving hearts with admiring of erratic boulders, glacier-polished rock and 32 pot-holes. Additionally, there is a museum that features specimens of rock, groups of Alpine animals and old domestic interiors. Actually, such dating will be very informative bring to sweethearts a lot of positive moments and impressions. Moreover, they will be able to dedicate enough time to each other communicating, having fun and flirting.

The lovely place for dating is Old Town, which is a part of Luzerne that features little squares with fountains and many old burghers’ houses. Walking around such variety of houses and wonderful landmarks, the couples may get known more about each other while discussing different life stories, sharing their desires and expectations or simply flirting and saying sweet nothings.

Additionally, the singles may drop in Chapel Bridge – the most characteristic feature of the town. It is a covered construction running diagonally across the Reuss. Moreover, it highlights more than 100 17th century pictures dedicated to local saints and scenes from the town's history. Surely, it will be very romantic to walk through the bridge holding hands, admire the beauty of pictures and enjoy the presence of each other.

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