The pretty city of Lausanne, which is located on the hills near Lake Geneva, is a great variant for singles to arrange their romantic dating because this place supplies them with numerous attractions and sights.

There the couples may date in the Old Town Museum that represents to them the history and everyday life of the region as well as the city model (as it was in the 15th century). Such dating will be very informative offering the sweethearts a lot of interesting materials and data about the town’s history and culture. Moreover, during such romantic meeting the loving hearts will have a chance to get known more about each other while talking, discussing various themes and life stories or flirting and saying sweet nothings.

The unusual dating may be organized in the Vidy that was a port of Losonna in Gallo-Roman times. Nowadays it is a yacht harbor on the shores of the lake that secures the sweethearts with a rowing facility, a camping site and extensive sports grounds. Therefore, such dating may be spent in active or some kind of passive way. The singles may try themselves in various sports as well as receive some relaxation and an opportunity to stay tete-a-tete during their lovely picnic. Additionally, they will be able to discuss everything they want and to enjoy the presence of each other while showing their real heart feelings.

Besides, the couples may conduct the unforgettable meeting in Palais de Rumine, Archaeological Museum or Cathdral of Notre-Dame. Surely, such dating will be full of romanticism and tenderness.

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