Köniz surroundings invite all singles to kick back and relax. This town is a home for numerous interesting places and attractions, so the couples have an opportunity to organize their dream dating there. The sweethearts meetings may be of different kinds. For example, they may date in the natural area – a tiny valley called the Koniztali that supplies the beloved with a nature trail providing intriguing information about the local fauna and flora. Additionally, the lovely dating may be conducted in the forest Konizbergwald supplying the couples with a leisurely walk. There the singles may have a plenty of time to get known more about each other while talking, telling various stories from their lives, having fun and flirting. Moreover, the surrounding nature beauty will inspire them to behave romantically.

Furthermore, the sweethearts may date in such cultural site as the Ruine Bubenberg – the Neu-Bubenberg Castle which was built during the 13th century by the prominent von Bubenberg family. Admiring the castle beauty and its décor, the beloved may dedicate a lot of time to each other. Additionally, after the castle visiting the singles may continue their dating in some lovely café or restaurant tasting a good wine and delicious dishes as well as staying tete-a-tete and discussing everything they want (including even private themes). Moreover, the rest of this dating may be spent in the theater or concert hall where the couples are available to receive a plenty of enjoyment and esthetic pleasure.

Besides, the loving hearts may be recommended to organize their dating in town’s numerous parks. In such a way they will have a chance to enjoy the presence of each other as well as stay in fresh air.

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