A mix of beautiful old streets and buildings represented by the cathedral landmark and the left bank of the Rhône, is embodied by Geneva. This wonderful city with lots of parks, promenades and gardens may become an interesting variant for singles to arrange their romantic dating.

There the sweethearts will be recommended to date in Botanical Gardens that comprise a fine Alpine garden, a refreshment pavilion, greenhouses with exotic plants and a small animal enclosure including llamas, cranes, fallow deer, peacocks etc. The time spent there will be really wonderful because the beloved may combine the pleasure and relaxation at once. They will have a chance to dedicate a lot of time for each other communicating, observing the surrounding beauty, inhaling the fresh air and discussing various heart-to-heart themes.

The other romantic place for dating is Palais des Nations – a monument complex of buildings made in light-colored marble which are located in a large area of parkland. Surely, there is a lot what to see. Moreover, the singles will be able to stay tete-a-tete for some time sharing their secrets and showing their heart feelings.

Furthermore, the sweethearts may be recommended to organize their romantic meeting in Museum of Modern Art (features the French painters from 1880 to 1930) and Museum of Old Geneva (highlights the appearance of Old Geneva prior to the year 1850). Such dating will be very informative and supply the loving hearts with lots of pleasant and positive emotions.

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