Biel, as the second largest town in canton, has surely what to offer to loving hearts. There the singles may arrange really unforgettable dating full of romanticism and tenderness.

One of interesting variants for dating organization is Schwab Museum that preserves materials dedicated to the prehistoric period, Iron Age and Roman times. So, walking through the museum corridors, the couples have an opportunity to find out more about various historical moments. Moreover, they may spend a lot of time for each other communicating, flirting, discussing their general impressions and just listening to the heart beats of their second halves.

Special romantic dating is possible to be conducted during boat excursions through three-lake trip (Lake Bienne, Lake Morat and Lake Neuchâtel). That’s why the sweethearts have an opportunity to visit St. Peter’s Island via the trip on the River Aare from Bienne to Solothurn. Additional services include breakfast and fondue trips. Such dating presents a lot of lasting memories and a chance to become closer to each other.

Additionally, the couples may be recommended to date in the upper town of Biel that features numerous historic old buildings: the Late Gothic Rathaus Town Hall, the Theater and the Justice fountain. This place is special inspiring the loving hearts to show their real feelings and reveal the soul secrets.

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